Day 3/20 of making "Shoot off their lumps" art timelapse

Shoot off their lumps - our ldjam entry game that we decided to finish in one month. It’s about exploring derelict vessels. Find out what happened to them and try to survive.

We’ve finished working on player’s spaceship art. This is the base where you decide what to do next, upgrade your gear and rest between exploring other derelict vessels.

I’ll be adding it to the game soon, but right now I’m working on making proper ai, and movement input for the game as many asked in the feedbacks.

I’ve added aiming to the game. So as your hero moves the sight is lost until you stand and wait for a sec.

Bullet shell effect, just for fun :)

Improved movements and changed rolling button from shift to space keyboard

Hero can reload gun by continuing clicking LMB

Added animation fire directions ( up and down )

Monsters gain damage from any hits, BUT it’s very ineffective to kill them by just shooting. The best way to kill a monster is to shoot off his lumps. In this case, he will die very fast, and you save a lot of bullets.

I’m planning to release a new demo after I finish enemies AI to test improvements:) Stay tuned!

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Dec 05, 2017

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